A solidarity project of Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw and Strefa WolnoSłowa Foundation with artists from Belarus.


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The 25th of March is Freedom Day in Belarus - a holiday unrecognised by Alexander Lukashenko’s regime, that commemorates the creation of the independent belorussian country in 1918. At the same time, this is a holiday of the independent Belarusian democratic opposition. Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw and Fundacja Strefa WolnoSłowa are joining the celebration by starting a cycle of actions: "We are with You!" and "Atlas of Gestures in Solidarity with Belarus". In our actions, we want to particularly focus on the freedom of speech and the freedom of creation among Belarusians, regardless of where they are. In the end, art doesn’t have citizenship.

We encourage other cultural institutions and organizations to join us in promoting Belarusian artists and activists and their activities.


Atlas of Gestures in Solidarity with Belarus

This year’s edition of Forum for the Future of Culture is happening under the slogan "Solidarity and care". Crucial points of reference are social movements - their dynamics and goals. That is why in this part of the project we give the voice to female and male citizens of Belarus that have spent many months fighting Lukashenko’s undemocratic regime. We show the scale of administrative and social repressions, as well as arrests and tortures aimed towards the people of Belarusian culture. 

We will also present selected artistic projects, social and activist actions conducted in Belarus and showing what solidarity and care can be in practice. 


A list of repressions aimed towards the people of Belarusian culture and examples of protests:łoruski#kultprotest 


project’s curator: Bazhena Shamovich


We are with You!

As a part of the action "We are with You!" we want to present and provide the possibility of getting to know better Belarusian artists that live in Poland. In short videos recorded by us each of the artists tells about themselves and their work. It is also a space to share your vision of art and artistic dreams.

Under each video, there will be a link to a website containing more information about the artist and their work. We hope that thanks to spreading these videos many opportunities for cooperation and creation of their dreams will arise for them. With that, we want to support Belarusian artists and tell them: "We are with You!".


project’s curator: Rita Guretskaya

Video-business cards of Belarusian artists.