Presentation of the The Citizens’ Anti-Smog Act
9 December, godz. 3.15 p.m. – 4.45 p.m., Small Stage of the Powszechny Theatre

➤ presenters: Anita Cieślicka, Michał Zadara

Clean air is possible! We are preparing an Anti-Smog Citizens' Act, that will be presented to the parliament in May 2019 as a civic initiative.

Until December 2018 a team of researchers and scientists will analyze the particularities of air pollution in Poland as well as methods implemented in countries where smog was eliminated. We are working towards an optimal solution that will match the pollution in our country.

During the Forum of the Future of Culture we will explain the mechanism of the proposed bill and the steps that must be taken to transform it into reality.

In February, lawyers, economists and legislators will finish the writing of the Citizens' Anti-Smog Act.

In March we will begin a nationwide campaign through social media, engagement of public figures, a play, short film, interviews, articles and much more. At the beginning of summer 2019 we will gather 100 000 signatures and send the bill to Parliament.

The entire process will be portrayed in a performance created at the Powszechny Theatre.

On December 9, 2018, we will discuss the changes necessary for the final elimination of smog. Among these, simple actions that would radically lower the mortality statistics in Poland. We plan to state clearly the cost of passivity in the face of air pollution. We will show you who we are and how you can help us.

The bill is another interdisciplinary project created with the Centralna Foundation in cooperation with the Powszechny Theatre. It shall address the reasons for dreaming, writing good bills and good plays. Our goal is a happy end; let us talk about how theatre can tell the truth.