„How save the world on the small stage?”
December 8, 19.30
December 9, 19.30

director: Paweł Łysak
text: Paweł Łysak and Paweł Sztarbowski according to spoken word Anna Ilczuk, Mamadou Góo Bâ, Artem Manuilov, Paweł Łysak
dramaturg: Paweł Sztarbowski
set designer: Janek Simon
music: Andrzej Kłak with the band
lighting director: Piotr Pieczyński
director's assistant: Nawojka Gurczyńska
stage manager: Barbara Sadowska
cast: Mamadou Góo Bâ, Anna Ilczuk, Andrzej Kłak, Artem Manuilov (guest appearance), Kazimierz Wysota

Personal stories of fathers from Poland, Ukraine and Africa have become a canvas for a production about the imminent catastrophe, hunger and future of the planet. The starting point in the work on the production was the story of the director’s father, Docent Jan Łysak, creator of a utopian method of harvesting crops in the phase of ripening, green grain, in parallel with the fate of Alexander Manuilov, a miner from Donbas, and Demba Bâ, a flight engineer from Senegal. Their actions remain a trace of plans of conquest and male fantasies of saving the world.

What kind of reality have our fathers left behind? What can we do to avoid repeating their mistakes? What chances for development will we leave to next generations?