Towards Anti-fascist resistance year 2019. Work session
8 December, 1.50 p.m. – 3.20 p.m., Small Stage of the Powszechny Theatre

➤ working speeches:
– Jakub Depczyński
– Bogna Stefańska i Aleksy Wójtowicz
– Michał Kozłowski
– Zuzanna Hertzberg

➤ moderator: Kuba Szreder

It was the convention "Workers of Art Against Fascism", which took place in October 2018 in Warsaw, that became a milestone on the road leading to the organisation of the Antifascist Year. It involved workers of art and science, coalitions of activists, art collectives as well as representatives of artistic institutions and non-governmental organizations. The delegates analysed the nature of the fascist threat, discussed the possible strategies of resistance, deliberated how the competences of people of arts and the possibilities of artistic institutions might be used for that purpose, and created ideas for specific actions. Together with the existing antifascist coalitions, they built the foundations of a broad antifascist front. After two days of a fruitful debate, the participants settled that it was time to get down to the specifics. An opportunity for this is supposed to take the form of plenary sessions, the first of which is to be organised as part of the Forum for the Future of Culture, followed by those planned in Lublin and Gdańsk. During the Warsaw session, the delegates will be discussing issues related to the organisation of the Year, such as the ideological definition of fascism and antifascism, mechanisms for creating the program of the Year and building alliances with initiatives already implemented. These topics will be presented by speakers who will prepare ground for the plenum of the Antifascist Year. All those who want to be involved in the activities are welcome to participate in the work. In addition, the Forum for the Future of Culture will be an opportunity for further, informal exchange of ideas for specific projects. Aesthetical glue for cementing these connections will come from the Postartistic Practice Consortium.

Anti-fascist resistance year: call for action
8 December,  6.00 p.m. – 6.30 p.m., Big Stage of the Powszechny Theatre

resume of work session