The practices of hope 1 – stories

Saturday, the 15th of October, 1.10 – 2.30 p.m.
The Small Stage of Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw

➤ moderator: Amel Mana

➤ participants:
– Barbara Siegieńczuk 
– Andrzej Bąk 
– Ola Ziemiańska 
– Marek Beylin


The first meeting within the cycle “Practices of hope - a society in action”. The stories about counter-institutional resistance.

1 The story of the citizens of a small town of Żurawlów, who defeated a world tycoon in the energy industry and defended their region from a possible ecological catastrophe. 

2 The story of the anti-repression collective Szpila – an unusual alliance between the anarchist and legal environments. The collective offers free legal help and care of activists that are met with repressions from the government. 

At the end, Marek Beylin will summarise and comment on presented events, wondering about what can be understood from these stories in the context of political changes.