Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw

An urban public institution with a rich history, running its cultural activities in many areas. Its headquarters is located in Praga in Warsaw. Powszechny was the first theatre opened in Warsaw after World War II. For over 70 years it has been a place of a lively dialogue of contemporaneity and tradition. The slogan of the Theater was said by its patron Zygmunt Hübner: „Teatr, który się wtrąca” (Theater that gets in the way). These words are a living idea defining artistic and educational actions. The Theater refers to its greatest traditions and through various theatrical forms — using contemporary pieces and creative reinterpretations of classics — is trying to have heated, sometimes difficult discussions with its audience.

Outside of premiers prepared by important modern directors, Teatr Powszechny is a place open to all kinds of animation activities, workshops, series of debates, lectures, concerts, and exhibitions. Important parts of our activities are social and local initiatives, like Ogród Powszechny - a garden in front of the theater, regularly organised festivals „Otwarta Ząbkowska” (Open Ząbkowska)  and Festiwal Sztuki i Społeczności „Miasto Szczęśliwe” (Festival of Art and Community „Happy City”), the „Dramaturgie społeczne” (Social Dramaturgies) project, all created thanks to cooperation with social organizations, as well as international projects - „Atlas of Transitions. New geographies for a cross-cultural Europe”, „Prospero”, and „Face to Faith”.