"Interurban: Warsaw – Prague. Conditions for Culture” – a debate 

the 27th of May (Saturday), 6:15 – 7:30, The Small Stage of the Powszechny Theater in Warsaw


➤ moderator: Paweł Łysak – the director of the Powszechny Theater in Warsaw

➤ participants: 
Katarzyna Dendys-Kosecka – the director of the Adam Mickiewicz Theater in Cieszyn
Artur Jóźwik – the director of the Office of Culture of the Capital City of Warsaw
Michal Lang – the director of Divadlo pod Palmovkou
Jiri Sulzenko – the director of the Department of Culture and Tourism in Prague


How does the policy of cities influence the operational conditions of the cultural sector? How have the cultural offer and audience expectations changed after the pandemic? What experiences are common for Czechs and Poles? During the meeting, we will reflect on the new realities in which we operate, exchange experiences and ideas, and talk about the possibilities of strengthening neighborly cooperation.