„Europe the fortress. About fear governing” – a debate

Saturday, the 27th of May, 5:00 – 6.30; the Big Stage of Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw 


➤ moderators: Sebastian Słowiński and Katarzyna Czarnota

➤ participants: 
Marta Górczyńska – lawyer from the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and the Granica Group
prof. Inga Iwasiów – literary scholar, literary critic, lecturer, poet, and prose writer
dr Marta Jaroszewicz – project manager at the University of Warsaw's Center for Migration Research
prof. Piotr Laskowski – historian of ideas, lecturer at the University of Warsaw's Institute of Political Science, educator
dr Hanna Machińska – lawyer, lecturer, from 1991 to 2017 director of the Council of Europe's Office in Warsaw, from 2017 to 2022 Deputy Ombudsman for Human Rights.


Is democracy even possible inside the European Union? Can a community, based on tight borders and soldiers patrolling them, open up and develop towards a non-immune democracy (i.e. one that does not have to protect itself from the outside)?

Will solidarity with Ukraine and the increasing cooperation of Eastern European countries only legitimize the mechanisms of the Union, or will it direct societies towards a new, open, and free community? Are the actions of collectives, aid groups, etc. against the policy of sealing borders able to reconstruct the policy of security?