„Cultural institutions – new challenges” – a discussion

Sunday, the 28th of May, 12.30 – 2.00 p.m., the Big Stage of Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw; meeting in English with translation to Polish. 


➤ moderator: dr Paweł Sztarbowski 

➤ participants: 
– Anastasia Haishenets – theatre and drama critic, curator, playwright, and project manager of theatrical projects in Ukraine
Goran Injac – playwright, festival curator, co-founder of the East European Performing Arts Platform, artistic director at Mladinsko Theatre in Ljubljana  
Pedro Penim – Portuguese actor, director, and artistic director of Teatro Nacional D. Maria II in Lisbon 
Kristina Savickiene – theater manager and producer, lecturer and festival curator, head of the Artistic Department of the Lithuanian National Drama Theater
Joanna Mytkowska – art critic and historian, exhibition curator, director of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.


“Institutions support and destroy us at the same time”, said Maria Hlavajova during the previous edition of the Forum for the Future of Culture, pointing to the ambiguous role of cultural institutions, but also to their transformative potential. We live in a world where the greatest challenge is to be open to unpredictability and changeability. How to build an institutional system that will be able to critically respond to the challenges of the modern world, react to new phenomena, and, at the same time, ensure the systemic stability of the production of culture? How can we exceed our current habits and obligations related to the functioning of the institution?