„Pathological obedience. School, Students and Violence” – a discussion 

Sunday, the 28th of May, 2:45 – 4:15, the Big Stage of Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw 


➤ moderator: Zuzanna Karcz 

➤ participants: 
Alina Czyżewska – a theater actress and a socio-political activist
Aneta Korycińska – a Polish language teacher, editor, special education teacher, podcaster, and works as the Baba od polskiego (Polish grandma)
Kacper Nowicki – an activist involved in education and youth projects
Grzegorz Święch – an entrepreneur, manager, and a member of the OFFschool foundation
– Magdalena Rigamonti – a press and radio journalist and author of books.


Can young people count on the support from the government? What if there was an institution that cares for students' rights in various areas? An organization that would keep an eye not only on the school itself but also on its surroundings – the stakeholders in the form of parents, teachers and teachers, as well as organizations that constantly evaluate schools mainly in terms of the results of the final exams? How to build a parallel entity to remind people about the basic rights that are so often violated by the school itself? Can you break out of this system?

We will talk about the role of informal education; can you learn something in the school office? Why do we need a grade for our behavior, and why do we still fall into the need to control every aspect of a young person's life? A panel on the state of democracy, care at school, the impact of school on subsequent stages of life and the understanding of school as a machine of capitalist attitudes: nationalism, hierarchy, obedience. Pathological obedience?