„Ah, today's (reading) youth...” – literary game, talks about books, reading fair

Sunday, the 28th of May, 12:00 – 3:00 p.m., Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw 


➤ moderators: Zuzanna Karcz and Justyna Suchecka 

➤ participants: 
Maciej Marcisz – a writer, author of "Family tapes", an employee of Foksal Publishing Group
Eli (@not.my.high) – a bookish person, runs a profile on Instagram and a podcast "Babcia Eli"
– Antoni Matusiak (Antek Czyta) – a TikToker, member of TikTok Book Club.


The young adult book boom did not come out of nowhere. When topics in the field of sex education, including those about the psychosocial life of young people, become taboo, literature, not only foreign, comes to the rescue. Young people now eagerly reach for books that give them a "taste" of adult life: first loves, romances, relationships with peers, but above all, the time of discovering and defining themselves.

Young adult books have found their place in almost every major publishing house. So let's take a look at the Polish publishing market: is there a friendly space for debuts by young authors? To what extent is it influenced by trends imported from the United States? Are books a recipe for a lack of quality education? What are the characteristics of online readers? Can books restore agency to young people?