A rally of authors. "Dialogue" social consultations

The 28th of May (Sunday), 3.00 – 4.30, The Small Stage of the Powszechny Theater in Warsaw


We invite you to the rally of female, male, and non-binary authors and people who read "Dialogue". We want to meet and listen to each other. We ask that everyone brings a fragment of their favorite text that they have published or would like to publish in "Dialogue" and read it. You can also come with an idea for a text and present it. If someone does not feel good reading in public or cannot be with us then, the selected fragment will be read by other people. Note: Please, choose passages that take no longer than three minutes to be read.

We also ask you to bring banners, cardboard boxes, sticks, old and new, with universal or particular content.

During the rally, we also want to think about how else you can protest, and why are we protesting at all?