„The culture of therapy” – a discussion 

Sunday, the 28th of May, 5:00 – 6.30 p.m., the Small Stage of Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw 


➤ moderators: Renata Lis and Sebastian Słowiński 

➤ participants: 
prof. Magdalena Środa – philosopher, ethicist, journalist, author of many books and articles
Katarzyna Minkowska – theater director, created, among others, the play "My year of rest and relaxation" at the Dramatic Theater in Warsaw, dedicated to mental health and the condition of relationships in the era of ruthless neoliberalism.
Maciej Musiał – psychoanalyst, supervisor, president of the Polish Psychoanalytical Society. Co-founder and former president of the Polish Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Author of many clinical and theoretical publications on psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.


Depression – as a disease that, according to the WHO, will be the most common disease in the world by 2030 – has a profound impact not only on the individual well-being of individual patients but also on the shape of broadly understood culture.

The way we understand and feel translates far beyond medical discourse, involving aesthetics or politics. Hasty reflection on depression in the cultural field carries the risk of instrumentalizing the disease and downplaying the experience of patients, while its lack of reflection on the impact of depression on the surrounding reality deprives us of the possibility of better understanding ourselves, not as individuals, but above all as a community. We want to go beyond what we think is an artificial opposition: either we will take care of ourselves or the world. So how to change and create the world, without forgetting about the individual needs of your bodies?