„Where is culture created? The NGO sector in Central and Eastern Europe” – a discussion

Saturday the 27th of May, 12:30 – 2:00 p.m., the Small Stage of Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw, meeting in English with translation to Polish. 


➤ moderator: Igor Stokfiszewski

➤ participants: 
Izabela Jasińska – Deputy Director of the Culture Office of the City of Warsaw
Lesia Kulchynska – curator at the Visual Culture Research Center in Kyiv 
Katarina Pavić – cultural activist, researcher of the social sector of culture in former Yugoslavia affiliated with Goldsmiths University in London 
Tereza Stejskalová – curator affiliated with the international organization tranzit, co-founder of the independent Prague Biennale Matter of Art.


The programs implemented in Warsaw involving local government authorities and the non-governmental environment, such as the Social Institution of Culture or "Open Neighborhood" – a program on co-management of urban spaces in public and social partnership, with the example of Jazdów Estate – are attempts at institutional strengthening of the social sector of culture. Similar efforts are made in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe, where local and national authorities recognize the potential of cultural activities carried out in the non-governmental environment, and at the same time, they recognize the development barriers in this sector.

During the debate, we will compare the solutions present in the countries of the region and consider the possibilities of supporting the institutionalization of social sectors of culture through the structures of the European Union European, with people involved in the social sectors of culture in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, experts in the field of public policies, and researchers of culture.